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The developers of Southcliffe believe that reducing carbon emissions through simple proven technologies is a laudable and achievable goal. Therefore, the developers provide a geothermal “grid” on each lot, as well as require R-26 insulation for each house (a very modest cost increase to each home yet yields a significant energy savings). This combination provides homeowners with very significant cost savings over the life of their home. 

SouthCliffe’s geothermal grid uses the ground’s nearly constant temperature, in conjunction with a ground source heat pump (as opposed to a standard furnace and heat pump), to heat the home in the winter and cool it in the summer.  The system also provides the majority of hot water heating for the house. While this technology dates back several decades, lower cost ultra-efficient heat pumps are making this technology mainstream. 

Depending upon climate and soil conditions, houses with geothermal heat pump systems can expect energy savings of between 50 – 70%. Kennewick, with its cool winters and hot summers, along with highly favorable soil for geothermal conductivity, is ideally suited to this technology. When complete, the subdivision will have a thermal energy capacity of over 5.5 megawatts, or the equivalent of 3.5 wind turbines as seen in neighboring Nine Canyon Wind Farm.  Savings in CO2 emissions are likewise significant with a net reduction of approximately 10,300 metric tons of annual CO2 emissions.

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Here's what some of our homeowners are saying...

“We have lived in the SouthCliffe subdivision for a year now and could not be happier with our choice to be a part of this community.  Over the past year our electricity bills have averaged $82 and our gas has averaged $30 per month for 3260 square feet of living space.  We consider our usage above the average household as we have a Jacuzzi, a very leaky doggie door, and we run our inefficient gas fireplace much more than what one would expect to be normal.  In addition to the efficiency, we have enjoyed how quiet the unit runs in the house and the lack of noisy neighborhood heat pumps in our outdoor space. 

Not only do we wish to express our appreciation for this community, but we would also like to encourage its continued growth and commitment to geothermal technology.  This technology was the reason we chose the SouthCliffe subdivision above others.  Both the efficiency and the reliability move us in a positive direction for our future.”

“After living in SouthCliffe for nearly two years, I have seen significantly lower than expected electric utility bills.  I did not know what to expect when cooling a 3,200 sq. ft. home with many south facing windows and no shade, during a very hot summer.  Many days the temperature exceeds 90 degrees with temperatures in excess of 120 degrees in the sun.  I maintained an indoor temperature of 72-74 and electric usage cost did not exceed $100 during peak months. The system was effective in maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the house.  I am very happy with the performance of the geothermal system.”

“We recently moved from Illinois and purchased an AR Feser Home in the SouthCliffe subdivision in the Tri-Cities.  When our house search pulled up a brand new Geothermal home we were thrilled!  Our previous home was geothermal and we don’t want to ever go back to a conventional hvac system.  The low cost along with even, comfortable heating and cooling just can’t be beat.

We purchased this home sight unseen, and cite the following order of importance in choosing this house:  #1 Geothermal, #2 location, #3 floor plan and finish.

 We’ve just moved into our home and are very happy to be in the Tri Cities and the SouthCliffe community!”

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